Buddha-CEO Foundation

"Our aim is to empower entrepreneurs and business leaders with scientific meditational tools and techniques to help them manifest their dreams. We help leaders understand the science of manifestation combined with breath meditation techniques. These concepts are correlated to quantum physics and neuroscience principles of how thoughts, feelings and beliefs create our future realities and the ways to alter our thoughts, feelings and beliefs for manifesting career goals and business aspirations. We empower leaders with incredibly powerful methods for unlocking our infinite hidden potential and channel it towards a higher purpose and vision."

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Chandra Pulamarasetti

Founder - Buddha-CEO foundation

Successful Entrepreneur & Former VP - IBM

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6 Weeks corporate meditation

May 10, 2020  To June 20,2020

Discover Personal Resilience and Manifestation through a Daily Breath-Mindfulness Meditation Practice
Attend this FREE 6-week guided meditation online program specially designed for corporate & business professionals.

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Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation, a non-profit entity, provides transformative meditation wisdom & techniques in a scientific voice to leaders and professionals.